Own mind

And speaking of choices, there I was quite innocent and minding my own business, when I was rudely interrupted by a person who wanted to inspire me. With a blasphemy in tow, she advised. I felt quite chuffed that she thought I was worthy of her attention. She even saw me as a future star it seemed. Of course, I would have to change some things, perhaps lessen my commitment to things that would get in the way of living the ultimate life. I would have to cast off the shackles and be free. But, I felt very sorry for this lovely person. She was giving me her time on a risk. That what she said could be rejected. But it was obvious she believed in what she was saying so strongly that she must have thought it would do me some good, so I would go on the path of ultimate outcomes. She was not counting on my steely resolve to stick to my guns. Saying nothing in reply, I deferred to my better judgment, and did not obey, and I went on. Not that the person would have much time for me when I made the ultimate life. If I made my life the way suggested, I would have been on television. I would have been foolish to listen. How often do we hear how bad television is these days.