I didn’t consider every publication, but I would have liked to. I think I almost did. It felt like it at times. With all that leg work, or my fingers doing the walking as I combed those writer’s guides. But although some were lucrative, and I could have made an effort to ‘cater to the market’, many would not fit in with me.


Contribute? It never crossed my mind. They told me it is beneficial to research the market because I would understand the publication and what I could offer it, how I could contribute. But that’s if there were suitable publications. I fitted in quite well after all.

‘Repressed’ images

What’s been on mind some of the time is the differences between satire, parody, pastiche, farce, and so on. They are all very interesting genres and I kind of fancy them a lot. Would like to even use sometime as the ‘images’ floating around in my head are kind of conducive for this format of writing at times. Last Saturday in particular was a field day for imaging a parody. I guess it’s coming out somehow…

All the best

With a certain amount of enthusiasm I submitted (in terms of the publishing terminology and not to a person) a devotion I had been editing about once or twice a week since about two-three weeks ago, does not seem a long time in terms of space logistics, quite a fluid transit from beginning to finish. I was pleased with the piece but wondered how it would go down, for the worse, rather than the better, which is usually the case with this writer. However, I am hoping for the best, of course.