Class, or lack of it

Tom Hulce as Mozart in full flight makes Mozart come alive and there were many other moments the actor enlivened.

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According to my Wikipedia research, Mozart – who we are told is one of the greatest of all composers by those who should know their classical music (unanimously agreed upon it seems) – had a good relationship with royal composer Antonio Salieri his musical inferior we are told.

In Amadeus (1984) there were signs that they had a good relationship. But to Salieri, his relationship with Mozart was about etiquette rather than substance and heart-felt admiration, historically inaccurate apparently.

But the movie follows the conniving and scheming of Salieri and consequently Mozart descends into poverty and sickness. It was all an attempt for Salieri to come out on top and rid the world of the best. Underneath, Salieri seethed away jealously which is the sinful heart of this film although may contradict the historic character of Salieri. According to Wikipedia, accusations made against Salieri to that effect in real life made him have a mental breakdown. Which leaves me asking about this film Amadeus, does it have a mean-spirited streak by making someone who was probably good into a bad man?

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At Eternity’s Gate had one of the more interesting titles and trailers of 2018, if not the most interesting. The trailer gives us a glimpse of what to expect. I would sum this up as, the post-impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh (Willem Dafoe) comes to a point in his artistic life where the limits are not enough. He then seeks the ‘limitless’, as if the eternal dimension is something to be grasped. I found this fascinating and not beyond belief either. It goes that the mild mannered Van Gogh goes to Arles, in the South of France (a lovely place!), on the suggestion of fellow artist Gaugin (Oscar Isaac), to explore on his canvas the beauty of life there and touch on something more transcendent behind it all.  

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A.I.’s who look like this, in A.I. (2001). Played by Haley Joel Osment and Jude Law.

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So, I hear, artificial intelligence is coming to a world near you or your great grandchildren’s. Would it look more like Terminator or A.I.? A. I. (2001; Warnings: Disturbing thematic elements, violent content, and sex-related material.) poses a question, whether deliberately or implicitly, of what would it mean to have artificial lifeforms in the human world?

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