Didn't see that coming.

The networking was so bad in 1979 that I only found out about Star Trek three years later. By then, I hadn’t seen it. The newspapers hadn’t come my way. I only got to read the movie classifieds on the odd occasion.

I’ve wondered what Star Trek: The Motion Picture would look like on the big screen if they had informed me earlier. Other people had seen the movie but being current eluded us for some reason. Star Trek just wasn’t on my radar.

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Themes–Darkest Hour (2017)

I am a watcher of movies, but also a viewer of them. As a viewer, I can give a reading into the film, in terms of what I saw as the themes, ideas, etc. So, onto this, with Darkest Hour (2017), a summary. These are good themes. Taking responsibility, actions and consequences, the valley of decision, should one change their mind, the world relies on a decision, and having courage to be strong in the face of the enemy, even if it is involves being sacrificial.