Big is beautiful

I don’t know what’s happened to the interviewees of the following article, published in The Dominion in the good old year of 2000. So, one mustn’t see this article as current.

What I hear now is that New Zealand has an obesity and overweight problem, so I hazard a guess that some health professionals may disagree with some things in this article, but sill be supportive of the general idea that people with obesity have worth and dignity.

I haven’t touched this theme since writing this article, so I’m a little rusty on the health/fitness industry, although never did really get into that field much.

My experience of gyms is that the trainers and personnel do treat everyone with respect and aim to help as much as they can, although the downside of gyms is being pushed too much.

The motivation for this article was the idea, since, personally, I take an interest in my own health. How everything came together was more a matter of serendipity than planning, as I was put onto interesting people in the health/fitness field.

Here’s the article:

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