A nice one

The following is an example of a good collaboration between writer and editor, the piece I did for Challenge Weekly on the DVD Collector’s Edition of Ben Hur. I like how it all sounds. Ben-Hur is a favourite of quite a few Christians as it has a strong Christian theme and contains nothing offensive., so that’s why I thought my readers would need to know. Of course, the 1959 version that is.

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Filling in the gaps

The following article was born out of a desire to publish something that would fill readers in on the previous years film releases, because there was not enough time, room and space to cover those thoroughly myself. Since the newspaper catered to conservative tastes, I went to information that would suit the reader, and sources I was familiar with. Here’s the article, published in 2007, in Challenge Weekly.

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Old time cinema goes down memory lane

Time Cinema: this cinema, or theater for showing films, was unique among theaters in the vicinity because it catered to a certain clientele, that of the needs of some people who described themselves as conservative Christians, as well as interesting groups intrigued by nostalgic films or films from the vault. John and Margaret Bell founded the popular film house but have since retired and sold the cinema to someone who is keeping old films playing in their original setting. Here’s my 2004 article about Time Cinema, written for Challenge Weekly, a Christian newspaper, where I interview John Bell, the founder of Time Cinema, who told me about their slice from the past.

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Filmmakers don’t let the facts get in the way of a good story

I was pleasantly surprised to find in the post, one day twenty years ago, a clipping of a published article of mine and a cheque for a certain amount. The following article got published and it’s about film and history. On retrospect, it’s not a thorough article as I could have cited some filmmakers that seem to follow historical fact closely, which would have been the exception, apparently. For my article, it’s about the right to tell a story versus the facts of history. I interviewed three people on the subject and two were producers, one a teacher of history. Here it is as it was published.

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