God still there

Following on from the last article, I ask in the next article (below), what happens when the keynote speaker pulls out? Tommy Tenney couldn’t make it to the Hutt Valley conference — thus disappointing people who expected something from God through his ministry. Although everyone was disappointed, the conference continued.

The thrust of the conference is about seeking the face of God and that can be done whether Tommy is here or not and certainty Tommy’s appearances doesn’t determine whether God turns up or not.

Tim Findlay

Here’s the article about what happened when they were told Tommy wasn’t coming.

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God chaser coming

The following article follows on from the previous articles in the church series as it gives a direct application about “hunger for God” from the Pentecostal/Charismatic movement. So, it’s what some in the Pentecostal/Charismatic church/churches are doing to minister the reality and experience of God in people’s lives. Here’s the article I wrote in 2001. I didn’t make any comment on the conference, it says what I was told by people I interviewed.

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The following article resonates with the previous posts in the church series as it kind of summarizes or encapsulates the themes. Which are: the Church can be vehicle for people experiencing God, knowing more of God, and finding meaning to life.

The churches that are growing, like the Pentecostal and Charismatic churches, are offering vision and they are not afraid to say there is more to this life than meets the eye.

Rodney Macaan

The next post in the church series brings a more direct application.

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An evangelistic article

The following article is more evangelistic than most of my articles at the time as it was published in an evangelistic newspaper that was published every month alongside the regular newspaper I wrote for. They each had a different approach. The editor did a great job of slimming the article down and deflating some wordy paragraphs. Unfortunately, he died some years ago, but is remembered. Here’s the article. If warning is required, I’ll just say it contains evangelistic content.

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Spiritual hunger

The following article was partly taken from an interview I did in 2001. Essentially, the article, written in 2016, is about the need for more of God, a spiritual hunger in other words. It forms part of my introduction of the church series which begins with a need for more of God (spiritual hunger), reflecting the need in church members and also for anybody who feels this need in the wider community. Here’s the article.

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Faith: resurgence

The original title of the following article was “Christmas brings resurgence of faith” (article published The Evening Post, January 1, 2002), I decided to gave the title a movie makeover and “____ (insert word): resurgence” sounds like many a movie title I have seen. I wasn’t expecting anything with this article. I sent it off and forgot about it. Then a few hours later (or was it a day?) there was a reply which shocked me…The inspiration for the article was watching an episode of the old television series Becker and seeing It’s A Wonderful Life, around Christmas time. Here’s the article, kind of a contemplative, reflective commentary on faith today. Observational, perhaps.

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In the public arena

The previous article ended on what the Church can do to positively engage in the public arena in a culture that is ‘church-less’. The following, written in 2004 for Challenge Weekly, is, however, a critique of a church-backed rally, deemed by many, as a negative display by the church in the public arena in New Zealand, in 2004. It was the way it was done that got quite a few upset. It was a protest march that stood for family values while decrying the erosion of moral values in public policy, but that might have been intimidating for onlookers. Let’s have a look.

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It occurred to me as I was posting the film devotional on The Shining, that one of the subtle themes in the article is a spiritual sense in a secular society. Normally, secular has nothing to do with the spiritual. But in my post of that 1980 film The Shining, I write about the film’s angle of the possibility of the supernatural and the spiritual world, despite there being a sense of a rational worldview as well. The following 2004 article is about that sort of issue, of spirituality in a secular society and I have changed the title to reflect that.

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Introducing the church series

When I was writing for Challenge Weekly, a nondenominational Christian newspaper, and church and non-church papers, I went with the story or subject that inspired me at the time and I also went with stories that didn’t take my interest as much. Now that I have had time to reflect on my articles, there are a series of pieces I did about church. I have had time to put those in a cohesive, logical order in a clear file folder, so one theme follows another.

It makes for an interesting, intriguing picture.

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