This is Peter Veugelaers (ala Pete’s Writing) writing blog, a place to share my writing journey. This blog continues my writing journey, with posts of some of my writing, musings on what I’m doing related to writing, what I’m learning about writing and what I have learnt. I have been writing since 1986 but took it on seriously from 1996. In 2005, I was tutored at university which helped me begin to improve areas of my writing that needed improving on. Since 2005, I have been published at Touchstone (Methodist church, New Zealand), Youth Worker online, Faces Mag (Canterbury/Westland Baptist, New Zealand), Anglican Taonga online, The Secret Place devotional, the Upper Room devotional, Wel-Com (Wellington Catholic), and Before 2005, I was mainly published at Challenge Weekly (New Zealand’s weekly Christian newspaper), where my articles were published, and, where my reviews were published in their unedited stage. I also had credits in major daily newspapers and specialist magazines.

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