This is Peter Veugelaers (ala Pete’s Writing) writing blog, a place to share my writing journey, wherever it may lead. This blog’s about like being on a long journey in a car. I use words to talk about my writing journey on the way to where ever I go, be that stopping off at one publisher, and another, then onto some where else. It’s also a place to share some writing.

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In a nut shell:

Writer/Contributor. Blogger. Experienced. Independent.

Devotions. Reviews. Articles. And may do more…Tweet @peteswriting

In some more detail:

I started seriously freelancing in 1995, with a bundle of enthusiasm, and added to my skills as I went along. I had already completed The Writing School diploma in 1992. While writing, I completed an Open Polytechnic Business Communication course and Victoria University’s Writing for Print Media course which made me evaluate my writing with a tutor.

I have felt a vocation to freelance writing. On the left column, you’ll find various categories related to writing and my writing.

I’ve got some things right and some things wrong, made mistakes, and had some triumphs. I put that down to experience and getting better at what I do–so that I can look ahead, with a wiser head, in my little corner of the world.