This is Peter Veugelaers (ala Pete’s Writing) writing blog. The blog’s about like being on a long journey in a car and you use words to talk about your writing journey. I have been writing since about 1986 and this blog continues that writing journey from where the blog started off, in 2017.

In a nut shell I am an experienced writer, where I’ve realized I have a vocation and call to freelance writing. I have contributed reviews and articles to various publications while sometimes needing to be employed in supporting roles. I am quite proud of the style of my early work, but am sometimes inadequate over the style of my later work. A body of consistent, unifying work so far eludes me, but maybe I won’t give up on that one.

In a nut shell:

Writer/Contributor. Blogger. Independent.

Devotions. Reviews. Articles.

And wanting to do more…

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