This is Peter Veugelaers (ala Pete’s Writing) writing blog, a place to share my writing journey, wherever it may lead. This blog’s about like being on a long journey in a car. I use words to talk about my writing journey on the way to where ever I go, be that stopping off at one publisher, and another, then onto some where else. It’s also a place to share some writing.

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In a nut shell:

Writer/Contributor. Blogger. Experienced. Independent.

Devotions. Reviews. Articles. And may do more…Tweet @peteswriting

In some more detail:

I started seriously freelancing in 1995, with a bundle of enthusiasm, and added to my skills as I went along. I had already completed The Writing School diploma in 1992. While writing, I completed an Open Polytechnic Business Communication course and Victoria University’s Writing for Print Media course which made me evaluate my writing with a tutor.