Are these two little guys really brothers? Aka The Boss Baby (2017)

* *

The black suit wearing, suitcase carrying CEO Boss Baby comes into the life of the very normal, everyday lives of a Mom and Dad and their son Tim. I was wondering what was going on.

The Boss Baby (Alec Baldwin) claims to be Tim Templeton’s brother interrupting Tim’s (Miles Bakshi) normal life as Mom and Dad’s center of attention. Mom and Dad believe the Boss Baby is their son, but there are no facts to determine his paternity, so I did not believe it.

I did not know if they were even brothers. So much for the sibling rivalry theme that the film would try to milk.

As if by storks, and let down into a limousine, this business-minded, briefcase wearing, appointment bound CEO, the Boss Baby, is driven to their doorstep. Surely, this could be anyone—and even an imposter—and is such a different kettle of fish that I wondered how he fitted in to the comparatively ordinary and dressed down Templeton family.

This is not meant to be a ruse in the plot. It does not seem to be a deliberate act on the filmmaker’s half. But the lack of transparency could have been better attended to. I was not privy to some important information that helps me understand some crucial things, therefore leaving much of the movie redundant.

The ‘best’ thing of The Boss Baby is knowing what I missed in the final minutes. The moment the story clicks in place for me is imagination theatre where what seemed hidden is disclosed in a beautiful moment of recognition. A flood of memories of the last hour and a half of the movie makes what I was watching seemed great. A moment of movie ‘magic’.  And into this a theme of getting along despite all the negatives that go on between brothers.

But a little too late.

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