To know

The idea that we can have a bird’s eye view of life — be that God’s perspective — is impossible for human beings. Although some people believe they do have God’s perspective on life. The “bird’s eye view”. The bible verse that says one has the “mind of Christ” is used as justification for the bird’s eye view or God’s view. But this verse cannot mean what it sounds like. If one reads the surrounding verses, passages, chapters, and books, one may get a better grasp of its actual meaning in light of these other passages. It does not sound, therefore, that “the mind of Christ” is what they say it means, being that we actually have Christ’s mind through the Spirit or a believer does. To say believers in Christ have the mind of Christ would be saying too much anyway and to quote that verse as literally as it does get quoted is I’m sorry to say thoughtless.

Saying we cannot know God’s view of things, does not mean we cannot know things about God. I will never have God’s mind, but I can still know things about God without going as far as knowing everything that God does. The same temptation to know like Goes does was what the Devil offered Adam and Eve in the Bible. Of course, I won’t know what God knows anyhow, so why give in to the temptation to know as God does. God is God, above; the scriptures or the Bible bear this out clearly. Gratefully, we can still know things about God, here, down below, on earth.

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