I’ve been thinking.

There’s a professional I know who sees things differently to many other professionals of his kind of profession. His views seem skewered and fit for the bin, but I wondered if I had been listening to his unusual point of view the right way. Was I putting him in a box? One sees in part, one doesn’t see the whole picture, until truly knowing someone, and even then, does one know?

I think no group and indeed no one can be put into a category. Not categorizing makes understanding more difficult and perhaps interesting.

The complexities of person-hood can be difficult to unravel and find out, but if we think we have found the real person, what we understand may not be the truth, so what do we know anyhow?

I am still discovering, finding out, which makes good human relationships a thing of mystery, always finding out something that keeps on adding to the person. The incentive for good relationships is unravelling the mystery of the other, a discovery, and always finding more to add.

But, reality is, that we can fear reaching out to the other, and a point of view on something can preclude a judgment of the other, who you see does not hold your point of view. You are right and they are so badly flawed, so you think.

I thought about this and I thought that getting closer to how Jesus related, is getting closer to the Christ-likeness that precludes even better relationships. Like it’s not tainted. For humans, this can be like grace.

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