The seer called out to the forlorn in the desert and said I can help you with a bit of wisdom. Listen to me and you will find hope. The desert dweller sneered in reply. For the seer to have known better was wrong according to the desert dweller.

Years passed and many a wise person had passed the desert dweller. They looked in and called out to him, “Listen to wisdom!” Everyone thought he was a fool.

One day, he found something deep inside that could have only come from above. He found the security of being alone and not caring what others may have thought of him.

Passerby’s thought he was stupid because he was alone in a place where one could lose out on life. Better things were out and about they told him.

But the liquid love from the invisible streams quenched his thirst for acceptance; and it was no illusion, he knew. All he needed was the water from the well and the food he found in the desert. But he especially needed the acceptance from the invisible. For there was always someone who found fault with the desert dweller.

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