It’s real!

Some will say that the life of Jesus was made-up to console the disciples loss when Jesus died. Certainly not. A very heart-broken disciple would not write such a lengthy “myth” as they have called it, but the Bible texts show that the disciples rejoiced when Jesus overcame death. A relieved disciple, and a happy one, would be motivated to write about Jesus because he showed that he was alive by rising from the dead.

The reality of the texts about Jesus in the Bible is literal life over death, not regret and sorrow. Why would the disciples want to make it up? But most of the literature that passes through book stores today is tinged with a sense of lifelessness. But for many I have come across, Jesus is about rising up on the inside, life that touches the heart and stirs the heart on share something of his life.

What is his life?

When one believes in Jesus, one can receive from Jesus, in the way he decides. A Christian can be hopeful because Jesus rose from the dead, and so will have eternal life, and are given the enabling Spirit as a helper, to help overcome baser instincts that work against the good of one’s soul. Jesus is for weak and strong. He is for everyone. And can give to each one.

The disciples were told by Jesus to make more disciples and this has been going on since. Jesus can still be still involved in people’s lives today.

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