Presumed Innocent (1990)

I’ve been watching the court room thriller Presumed Innocent (1990; Warnings–contains adult subject matter, sexual content, and profanity and offensive language) on television which had the bonus of starring Harrison Ford and Raul Julia and helmed by director Alan J. Paulka who seems to be no slouch. But although it’s a B-grade thriller, it turns out to say something haunting and powerful: there is not only a criminal punishment when it comes to crime and wrongdoing but a human punishment. When a husband betrays his wife with an affair, and if she knows, the wife is punished in her thoughts and emotions by her husband’s unfaithfulness. The husband is later accused of the murder of his mistress, but will the husband become emotionally punished by what the wife reveals to him about what she’s done? There is a human toll when one violates another human being somehow—the law is there to prevent wrongdoing and punish wrongdoers but also to prevent heartbreak. 2-and-a-half / 4.

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