One for the team?

An observation I picked up being around strangers and acquaintances is that if you’re together in a group there can be an expectation to play for the team. But maybe I don’t want to.

I’m an honest person. I can tell you like it is. That may make me dangerous. As in the song about an honest girl who is described as dangerous because she is honest. One can rattle the cage and upset the status quo, or rock the boat, when one is honest.

I thought I would be accepted for my opinion. But not so at times. If not quite a bit of the time.

When I said it from the heart, it may have upset the group mentality a bit, because we are told to play it for the team.

An expectation to play it for the team happens in churches, political parties, organizations, homes, and various other groups. But if I had to go with the group, or what I honestly believe, I would go with what I believe, and shouldn’t fear being ostracised for it, because we live in a democracy. Or do we? However, being left out is what can happen when one doesn’t play for the team.

Ask yourself this: would you sooner do what others do, or do what you really think?

Now that I know there is always the possibility of being left out for one’s stance, when the group goes against it, that they may ask you to go, or to do your own thing somewhere else, or they wouldn’t want you to interview them. This shouldn’t happen. So what? Or what’s up with it?

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