Strokes here and there

As I reflect, for a moment, there’s a different style, tone, and sound for pieces of different lengths that I write.

I have different ways of writing pieces of various lengths.

I think that is because of the dimension or the perspective that short or long lengths imply. A shorter length requires less words, a longer length more words, so the pieces come out differently. One is thinking long or short. But is one understanding the process in writing something short or long?

It’s has something to do with geography.

If one writes something shorter it’s like standing back and looking at something from afar. One sees the horizon and big picture, so there is less to see, and therefore less to tell.

A short piece can come from the big picture.

It can be a short condensed story–in which one is seeing the beginning, middle and end of an imaginary horizon, but one imagines what is happening all along it. Just see your story happen on a horizon and you may have a very short kind of story that’s taken from the big picture and is easy to follow.

If one writes something longer, there is more involved, more detail, so its like seeing something closer up on the horizon.

For a longer piece, the picture is closer or there’s more going on, or there is more detail, particularly with complex pictures.

Short pieces can be about something close up, too, like a snippet, or a piece of the picture.

Yet any length of story can be closer to the details, personal or not, or further away from the details.

I’m all stoked to write!

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