The tried and true, and the possible

If possible, I believe to present my best work to publishers, in fitting with their publication requirements. Sometimes, I feel, why should I use an idea here? But I still use it here. Because it’s better to use the idea on a road I know it will be published in, rather than speculating my good idea may or may not get published somewhere untested.

Maybe the idea would never get published if I didn’t use it at a place I am assigned to write for. I believe to use my ideas for the tried and true road.

But, I also believe there are other possibilities out there. I can still test another outlet out, which means to keep other good ideas flowing, that I can use somewhere else. I still need a stock of other good ideas to initially approach publishers with and use with them if I am selected as one of their writers. Because I still take an optimistic view, a possibility view: that my other ideas may find a home.

But I try not to use my ideas lightly, but with consideration and thoughtfulness. Don’t cast my good ideas all over the place. I did this once, but the danger is that someone else may use it, if the article or story isn’t up to standard. I like to make my ideas count.

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