Every box is ticked

The silly season, as they say, has come and gone once again, but I consider it less a silly season, but one where I can recharge, rethink, relax, and be inspired. But this post is about how serious publishing is. Back to reality. For every devotion that passes the publisher’s way, there is serious considering each one on its merits and continuing with the promising ones for further evaluation which takes a year. So, if my devotion passed the rigors of the first phase of assessment, there is still another year before they decide on publishing it or not. My friend couldn’t believe this. It’s just one devotion, he barked bemusedly. I told him they have to work well in advance so they can publish a devotion every day and put out a magazine every so often. This is the process that careful, thoughtful, and professional publishers go through. It’s a sure sign they are doing their job properly. Without this refined process, there wouldn’t room for seriously considering how their publication is going to look and feel and how they will fulfil their mission through your writing. As well as do everything on time. Then there are proper contracts, and filling in of forms, for every devotion of about 300 words each, 365 devotions per year. Although it may seem insignificant to have a contract for a 300 word devotion, it’s certainly better than having no contract and only a vague impression of what will happen with your writing! Not only is it the right and proper thing to do, it’s how real publishing should work. I embrace the proper publishing process as I am being catered for as a writer and the publisher is also making sure they are catering for their side of things.

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