Digital, tape, or micro tape

There are still advantages to using the old audio cassette tapes to record interviews. They may be easier to play back and transcribe than micro tapes and maybe even digital recorders.

These require you to always use a tiny pause button, which can interfere with the clarity of the recording, so you may miss a very important word.

Because one is typing the interview out from the recording, one must pause the recording. If the interview is kept playing, you’ll miss some words, unless you’re a very fast typist and can keep up.

Pausing the recording, may interrupt the clarity of the recording, though. You miss a word, or inflection. So you must rewind to catch what was said! Read: hassle.

But I must say that audio cassette playback is better.

Using playback with an audio cassette doesn’t have time lag. You can press pause without any interruption to the flow of the words on the recording.

These audio cassettes are now obsolete, but digital recorders are on a par, and are better than micro cassettes and in many other respects.

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