Can we find inspiration?

An artist who draws covers for albums wants more out of life. A retired muso who’s contemplating a change. A Greek muse comes into their lives and inspires them to begin again.

Xanadu (1980) was a musical about starting over, beginning again, making a change, with a little divine assistance and help.

In the film, a Greek muse is that ‘divine’ help. I don’t go for Greek muses myself, but the theme of “divine assistance” to start over and begin again is something the resonates with me.

But why would one need to “begin again”?

Well, life can be dry at times. The routine is stale. The daily grind formidable. Going home is better than working. The music store closed. The enchiladas are missing the sauce because the shop has run out. The bakery has run out of one’s favourite mince tart.

XANADU, Olivia Newton-John, Gene Kelly, 1980, (c) Universal

Life can just be hard, full-stop.

So what, one may say. That’s life. Just do it. Get on with it. It doesn’t matter, there’s more to life than the petty complaints.

Don’t despair, someone says – life is worth living with the right attitude. One can be inspired within the parameters of one’s life.

Of course, being positive within one’s routine may not be possible, but one may try their best with what one knows.

Whatever one’s circumstances, I reckon that the “divine assistance” that I mentioned above is available to people.

With God, can one can face difficulty with a bit of a lighter attitude perhaps, can be inspired to do something more meaningful with their job, re-prioritize one’s bearings in life, and change one’s sense of what’s worthwhile?

Is it in the secret, quiet moments when one is still or alone that God can inspire the heart and soul to rise-up or lift-up, or a life to lift off, or perhaps make it through the day with a bit more grace than one is accustomed to?

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