A bit of ABC

If you haven’t noticed, which I’m sure you have, everything‘s become computerized. But as a lesson in writer’s ABC, as a writer, you can’t say everything. That’s what they will tell you and it’s right.

One may say everything, but it’s quite vague. Everything is the short-cut when one can’t be bothered explaining what everything is. Or one is just ignorant and doesn’t know what everything is, one just feels it’s true.

But what is everything’s become computerized? What one means is that life has become computerized. But that’s even more vague. So, at the ABC boot camp of writing, one is specific instead of general.

One can write something like this, instead of saying everything:

“Life is so computerized now. I purchased a computer and I now read heaps of digital books. I’ve got more room on my shelves for pictures as I’ve got books to read on the computer. But now I’m using digital photos more. Next to no time, there will hardly nothing left on my shelves, except old dusty books, and I would throw out the old wooden picture frames.”

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