Road of redemption

The Blues Brothers (1980) is a sort of ‘road of redemption’ story.

It’s about the mission of the Blues brothers, Jake (John Belushi) and Elwood (Dan Aykroyd).

Photo courtesy of Flicka

Jake is out of prison, Elwood picks him up outside of the penitentiary, and then they head for the Catholic orphanage where they were raised.

They have heard the orphanage is in debt, but the Blues brothers go on the road to raise the money to keep it open, a sort of life or death thing, as keeping the orphanage open means a lot to them.

At this stage, they are not only redeeming the orphanage, but they prove their own sort of redemption, as they do something to show they care.

On the road.
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I believe in the power of redemption. Redemption is not empty. It is full of potential. If one is redeemed, one behaves and acts like one is redeemed.

So, how do Jake and Elwood become redeemed so they can set out on their “mission from God”, the good work of saving the orphanage?

They were redeemed at the moment they were; there is a sense of grace to it, a spiritual moment that happened in their heart and soul that made them want to do a good deed, having been before on the wrong side of the law.

Redemption makes one move forward into something good or to do something good. Redemption is positive and life affirming. It’s winning and winsome. It can be small or large, short or tall, but it’s great.

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Can Christ’s redemption make a difference?

Can one thank God for redemption?

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