It’s a world without time travel

The Final Countdown (1980) is about time travel—in that an American aircraft carrier finds itself in time-past and could change the course of events that led to the bombing of Pearl Harbour. It’s such a significantly grave event that one is impressed how it can be prevented.

Putting aside our reservations about the reality of such a happening, we may find another theme at work: why can’t we as humans prevent an outbreak of such cataclysmic proportions before it’s too late? Why do we need to go back in time to stop what got broken?

When something does go wrong we can dwell on that thing from the past. What if we stopped in its tracks a potentially negative course of events? This is the crux of this post: doing the right thing before it gets out of hand.

The ambulance at the bottom of the cliff is so often a picture we see of life. But the world may do better if we people thought twice about where we are going and what we are doing, to prevent a course of negative events happening. Think twice in other words.

We are pulled along by other forces—home environment, natural environment, psychology, and peer pressure. We can be also pulled along by the tension between right and wrong and end up doing something we’d regret.

But these tendencies can be drawn back if we just thought some more. To stop and measure what would be one’s progress under a certain course of action. Not basing that on human need and desire, but what is the good even best way to go at a point in time.

I’d rather live in a world that has less ‘ambulances at the bottom of the cliff’. Less or no wars, less or no violence, and less heart-broken people—all because we were more thoughtful and considered our steps.

Is loving thy neighbour as one’s self the answer before life gets too out of hand?

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