Commercial or independent

Does one’s ideas have commercial or independent potential? One’s archive of ideas may suggest one is heading in a commercial or independent direction, and an idea that has fully bloomed may suggest one way or other.

Though it is not always the writer’s will that is paramount on deciding if he will be a commercial or independent screenwriter as screenwriters are at the mercy of the demands of their own country’s parochial industry, be that independent.

However, wannabe novelists can send their prospective work to either a commercial or independent publisher from the outset so they have more choice than screenwriters who don’t live in Hollywood.

Screenwriters outside of Hollywood write within their national cinema and national cinemas are independent cinemas, therefore these screenwriters will have to write independent screenplays.

But, this may lead to commercial work in Hollywood, if one gets noticed. Unless one moves to Hollywood from the start and competes with many other wannabes, but even then there is no guarantee of getting work. Usually, a writer has a spec screenplay on hand to show a producer how he writes and what he can do. If the writer is hired, maybe through contacts, cold calling, or getting to know the producer, he will be contracted to the producer. Then he will have to write what they want to produce, so the writer is a servant, sort of. A screenwriter doesn’t write what he always wants to although one may prefer writing the commercial screenplay because that has more earning potential than the independent screenplays.

In book publishing, it seems the writer can choose a commercial or independent publisher from the outset and send his work to either the commercial or independent publisher he wants to get published in. This provides the writer with a choice from the beginning, commercial or independent?

If the screenwriting or publishing options don’t appeal, for some reason, then, one may take germane ideas and see if they can be made into stories and articles that could be published in the shorter publications, like websites, newspapers and magazines, and if that fails, try self-publishing through a blog. That is how I would do it.

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