The art reflected on is worth studying

The writer and the artist are names that can be used interchangeably, in terms of function– the purpose is to create using kinds of media and materials–and in style–to ‘stylize’ and place, for an effect, which can include journalism, in terms of how elements of art are embedded in journalism, such as flow. Both can change style in a period of their vocation/career, but this can be normal to writers and artists who can naturally be spontaneous, experimental and adventurous.

There is no problem with the writer and artist changing style, for one reason or another. One style may be better, the other may be not as good, for one reason or another, but both may be the same.

As long as one reflects on what one is doing, then one is treading thoughtfully and analytically, to survey one’s work critically, honestly and fairly.

As someone said, the life not reflected on is not worth living. This can be applied to artistic works one creates, as well. The art reflected on is worth studying, if one values their art.

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