It’s not disillusionment, though

I have been objective about the Star Wars films since the new batch that started with The Phantom Menace in 1999. I tended to see the style and tone of the films even if coming up short in some if not many respects. Wasn’t Rogue One overrated. And I am still not going to embrace the Force. There is something else. I can’t embrace any of the new characters as I could with the original trilogy.

I guess a sign of this is when you sentimentally seek a Star Wars action figure in the toy store, from the films since 1999, and come out with nothing.

I guess there are too many characters now and not enough real development of character, as if no one cares anymore. It’s probably the performances, too. They lack something vital.

Oh, well, I’ll settle for my Gamorrean Guard from the 1983 film. Even that alien character, who had no lines of dialogue, was able to communicate a kind of character that was fun.

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