Reality and fantasy

Just say one wanted to write something for a monthly, with sixteen pages in between it’s covers. Well, sixteen is not much, I must say. Where would someone come in there, if one wanted something published every month, as a freelancer and not a staff writer?

I’d say two or three a year, maybe four articles a year about something, probably less. There is more than one person here, don’t I know it (I remember that incident over at a publication where I got less than I would have liked as there are just too many people doing the same thing as me).

But would love to be involved, so may just research this publication, one says, and see what one can do. That’s reality, not fantasy.

Unless one is contracted for a specific amount. That’s reality, too. Just ask if they will give one a contract or at least what they can offer, and tell them, after some research, what one would like to offer them. Better still, what do they need? What are the gaps in their publication that one can fill?

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