Krull (1983)

Promising an exciting and thrilling combination of Star Wars meets Excalibur, Krull (1983) doesn’t completely resonate, but is still a pleasing fantasy, for young and young at heart.

A other worldly beast, in a fortress, mysteriously moves from planet to planet and lands on the planet Krull to enslave the people. A king and his subjects are ransacked by the Beast’s soldiers, the Slayers, and capture the princess. The prince—the film’s hero—with a hardy bunch of accomplices—including a Cyclops, a boy and a fool-hardy magician—set their minds on finding and destroying the Beast and rescue the princess.

The planet of Krull is a kind of medieval setting; lush countryside, mountains, and desolate areas—caves, craggy rock faces. There’s armoury on the Slayers, riders on horseback, castles, kings, queens, princes and opposing tribes. In terms of the influences of a film like Star Wars, there are laser weapons, a wise old man, a hero and a princess. The hero brandishes a mysterious, powerful weapon, like the lightsabre that Luke Skywalker used. And there’s substance to this tale of good versus evil; it takes a belief in love, faith in action, and courage to overcome evil; Krull comes from a pure soul, it’s lack of cynicism a defining feature, it’s belief without doubting in good and right, a clean-cut film and a good ‘soul’ that seeps onto the edges.

Included in the trail of good is a former criminal, played by a young Liam Nesson; he gallops on his horse, suspended by the illusion of special effects, with several others galloping through air and time with him. Stirring, as the trail of good, once earth bound, lifts off quite literally to face the foe, while James Horner’s propelling theme score rings true across the soundtrack. The hardy bunch are on a quest; believable as a team, in a spirit of unity and brings the audience on board.

4 out of 5 stars + Christian-like PICK

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