Beautiful structure

A beautiful structure is one of the results of my early work.

As well all know, introduction, middle, and the end, are the basic three elements of a beautiful structure. Beautiful, in that the three elements flow one after the other in a smooth kind of way.

The reader knows what each element is meant to be doing. For example, the middle of a review is what the work is about. In this middle section, the writer is explaining the story and what’s in the work. Therefore, the reader knows this is the purpose of the middle section.

It may be that the three elements are not in their natural order, and that the writer has lost the plot a bit.

Introduction, middle and end are the traditional, base elements of structuring a piece–and one which helps me format effectively.

The introduction should be arresting, intriguing. The middle is what it’s about. The end is the final statement, like an opinion on a film, and concludes.

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