The hollow man

What if a writer promised a certain product to a publisher, presumably knowing what he was doing, but they ended up with something else? What’s going on?

The writer was in no state to fulfill his promises as he went out rather spontaneous like without thinking if he could do it, which he couldn’t really.

Then the publisher asks him: where’s what you promised? Then, the writer may give up at that point, or rather proudly think he can do it, when he might not be able.

It’s important to not let the hollow man take over. If what’s inside the writer is an empty space, a “hollow man”, then the writer is susceptible to getting thrown around by the winds that come his way, doing it in a way he think he should considering the circumstances, but which is not being truly authentic.

If he can’t really do it, don’t do it! Stick to what he knows. I wish I had taken that advice in 1996.

Back then, I didn’t want to lose my movie column. My delivery on what I promised rather ineffective, but when I tried to, it didn’t turn out as it should have, when I look back. As it goes, my earlier stuff was better, in terms of the column.

In retrospect, one just writes off without really being true to how one would do the job. Although I wasn’t a regular moviegoer in the early 1990’s, how I review is to do a proper job of what’s at hand. But one has their primary reasons for trying out another “project” type of writing that one says one wants to do, but didn’t think it through.

One lives and learns, and maybe through it, “iron sharpens iron” as I became more conscientious in delivering that project and thinking it through. Good for the grey matter, but a loss still the same, as it could have been another kind of story.

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