Sometimes, the little things don’t count

Reading back at one of my old articles again…A little bleat about it if you don’t mind. A reader of my best of the year section, back in 1998, mentioned I shouldn’t have included a certain 1997 R-rated action film, because it was R-rated. Go figure on that one; I must have been fourteen (and I’m sure the person thought that of my mentality, not that I’m demeaning any fourteen-year-old’s, far from it.).

However, some believe that people of faith shouldn’t see R-rated movies, although quite a few still do see them. I’m not going to debate that, not that I care and not that I would, but I’ll say that the focus of the reader was on one film and no mention of the others that may have been okay. I think I should have reviewing Christian movies instead.

It could be a matter of a reader being negative and not focusing on the positive, but this person got a moment of glory. Reading between the lines, what I really think it was was that the person considered it a sin to see an R-rated movie. It was wrong.

I would have never thought of that! But I’m not going to engage the idea that watching movies are sinful.

Reader, let God do the judging and I speak for myself, too. Sometimes, a reader, including myself at times, are going to point out little things that are irrelevant. It’s best to understand what that irrelevancy is and if it was even necessary. Unnecessary, pointless distractions. We got to use a bit of sense and rationality on it sometimes and leave the judgments to God who knows the heart and soul of every person.

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