Is it good to have a break from a genre?

Sometimes, a writer may get bored writing in the same genre. So, taking a break may do wonders for the writing and the outlook. One may turn their writing wares to another genre for a while and come back to the other one later. But the subject stays the same.

I sort of did this not knowing what good it would do me. I’d been film reviewing exclusively for four years but then turned to writing articles about film.

I wrote and wrote and wrote article stuff about films that I look back on today and find hidden gems that give me insight into, funnily enough, film reviewing. I had done research on film, through books and interviews, and I reflected and kept journals on film, which were turned into articles, and when looking back on those articles, they encourage and reequip my reviewing.

So when I do more reviewing these days, I’m more equipped, because I have reflected on the meanings of my old articles about film and how I can apply it.

Changing genre, but not subject, may one day, as one spends time looking over one’s material in that genre, provide the insights that improve one’s writing in the other genre on that subject. Which in my experience, worked for me.

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