Framed well

The headline, the opening paragraph and the photos all come together to set the tone for the article. In other words, these elements can frame the idea of the article.

I saw that the editors did this extremely well in an article I wrote, although I wasn’t expecting it, nor did I intend it. But it did serve the readership and I am pleased how the article turned out in the end.

The whole article reflected one basic idea that was introduced in the headline, the photos, and the opening paragraph which would make the reader identify with one main idea. The article added additional information, but the main idea was primary.

The moral of the story is that one doesn’t put chickens with cows; in other words, what a writer thinks should be emphasized isn’t always going to be fitting or appropriate for the readership. So, the editors can construct a frame for the article which fits. I am quite happy with this, although I intended another emphasis, but can still along with how it was done.

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