How does one work with challenging editors?

How does one work with editors that are forthright in their point of view?

Well, these editors have other qualities as well. Editors may have a strong viewpoint, but they are not black and white.

One may have contacted an editor somehow, such as a cold call for work (they will need to see your CV and writing samples if work is available), a query for an article, or sending an article that they may refuse or would like to keep on hold, or better still, even use, and your foot is in the door.

Right at the start, a good editor will make it known, somehow, that they do or do not want to work with you. Or they should make it known, as some may not. Or they will accept you submitting other articles if the one you’ve submitted has been rejected, so it’s open for now.

If one gets the nod, then one has to work with whoever the editor is, and what happens if the editor is straight down the middle and tells it like it is?

I had an editor who didn’t like many movies and said to me that reviews of movies was the definitely last thing on their list. Although this is pretty standard for some niche publications whose audience is focused on other matters than secular pictures.

I was a little disappointed at the time, having done reviews, but the editor compromised a little and said they would take reviews of suitable films for the audience.

In the end, I got a few pages worth of reviews, with this particular editor. Although he was observed as forthright, he was also flexible, as well as dedicated.

So, one can get to know the various qualities of an editor once one has worked with one, and that may not be as black and white as one may originally think.

It’s always helpful for a writer to see the ‘colors’ of an editor before one thinks it will always be done a certain way. Time will tell.

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