Catching up

Looking back at the people I’ve interviewed in older articles I have written makes me wonder where are they now? Where are they now is a question that publishers seem to like asking about well-known or once well-known people. It gauges a lot of interest and speculation among readers. It’s appears to be a natural thing to ask–how are you? Readers want to know. I’m curious about where people are at, when I had talked to them twenty-odd years ago. Some die, some move on to something else, and some are keeping on going with what they have been doing, while some things change here or there, some quite remarkably and significantly. Catching up satisfies my curiosity about people I had been in touch with. And it’s always interesting to see what’s happened to celebrities and movie stars as they move on. There’s something about the march of life that makes catching up and finding out stuff about people utterly compelling.

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