Boring article?

This post is about when someone gives their opinion of your article: good, boring, needs improving or is too long.

Naturally, I like it when someone says my article is good, but am unsure how to respond when someone tells me her husband thinks my article is “boring”.

Getting that remark happened only once and I didn’t hear it through the horse’s mouth as it was, so how was I to know it wasn’t the wife telling me indirectly that she thought my article was boring?

However, these negative situations come and go for a writer. Most times there’s a steady work flow with the occasional positive comments coming your way, and for some, who crack the jackpot, the accolades come running, not that I am personally hunting for any.

Most writers are humble workers in the vineyard with a few who really “stand out” in the public eye, in other words they find fame and get rich.

However, these days, online writers who have a platform, can find a huge following which was unthinkable a decade or more ago, but the internet has changed who becomes famous and traditional routes to this have diminished, as we all know. But, still, there are always going to be the steady stream of writers who do their work unheralded.

Why don’t some people give the unheralded writers a break and say their articles are good even great if they really think it’s boring? These are the worker bees who provide the bread and butter for publications.

Looking back at that “boring” article of mine, I thought it was quite interesting, took up a page of space in the features columns, and it was published, of course! Whatever someone thinks isn’t as important–although I considered if the article was actually boring?

Although I didn’t spend much time on that thought, I found myself making an effort to improve on already decent work years later.

How does one feel when they say “your article is boring?” Isn’t it obvious?

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