When a by-line isn’t given

A few articles that I wrote for a particular publication a while ago weren’t given a by-line. In case one doesn’t know, the by-line is the line on the published article that says who wrote the article.

I was quite dismayed by not getting my name by the articles I wrote. Isn’t it right for a writer to expect a by-line? This should be the writer’s life and the writer’s right.

But I did provide suitable content that was used. And they may have felt that the articles needed some editorial treatment to some extent–but this isn’t a reason to not put a by-line.

However, I now feel I was part of the team, as the lack of a by-line indicates I was part of a team. And I contributed several pieces and content for this publisher that were used and paid for.

This is, after all, the writer’s life.

But I do prefer by-lines.

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