Reflection follows reaction

I wrote a piece that might have been a risk; would I jeopardize my column?

Not that it seemed to matter in the moment, because I wrote it. But with a sneaking suspicion in the back of my mind, what would happen?

And months later, something happened. The column came to an end.

I reacted inside myself, but years later, I looked over the columns, and reflected somewhat on them. And if a risky article was the reason for the termination of the column, I realized why I wrote a risky article in the first place, putting it down to this and that.

Then I looked at the wider picture and found more insight. That’s where I stood in the end, my place in the world of writing. To know myself, helped me see myself in the world itself and in the world of writing and knowing that started with a reflection.

The reactions that preceded the reflection, be they unvoiced, or voiced, subsided and the reflection makes interpreting what happened clear.

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