The loneliness of being right

Sometimes, it doesn’t feel good to be right, and if I was right all the time, it may be a very, very lonely life. I got a question right, when watching a quiz show. A person next to me said “You’re right.” It sounded like a thud. It feels good to be right, doesn’t it? No, it doesn’t. For that matter, a writer being right sounds anathema. A writer should see the broad picture without having to take a side. Although this was a quiz show, I felt the loneliness of being right although being right or wrong isn’t the point, really, of being a writer, for that matter. For a writer, right and wrong may be redundant for many writers. In terms of writing a story, the story is about character, motivation, trajectory, plot, theme, story. The writer goes with characters through a lucid journey right to the end or even beyond the ‘end’. The writer gets in the head of the character and even vicariously becomes the character on the page or on the screen.

Right and wrong applies to writers who are sensitive to values and write stories that don’t transgress those values. It may be lonely to stick to one’s values, however, except this kind of writer is sticking to their guns, and loneliness can be the sacrifice the writer makes to do this. It’s better to not go along with the crowd, if one doesn’t go along with it.

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