Come down

We all love to engage with technology, but there comes a time when’s enough is enough. Then comes technology come down: the immense pleasure one feels in rest as the senses bend back together again and one’s digital brain falls into oblivion. The simple pleasures that invigorate one’s solar plexus. Coming back from the mechanical, realizing how much energy was drained in engaging the digital binary, the inorganic organ of progress. But later relaxing in days alone not spent in the office, wherever that happens to be. At the beach finding the solitude or revitalization of one’s soul, one gets their organic brain back which inspires creativity and spontaneity. It’s good to get away from technology as a fresh outlook will inspire again and again. A fresh splash of a wave washing over you can do wonders for bursts of creativity just because one did something different to the grind of calculated conformity to bits and pieces.

The computer is arranged and organized in logical fashion, a robotic anti-human programmed to love you, causing extraneous problems one didn’t expect.

But the computer “knows” that the world turns over on functionality, and this is how the computer succeeds, by functioning one step at a time every minute, hour and day.

But one can step outside the digital zone and into the clear. Wonderful, to the end.

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