What does one do with words one doesn’t understand?

It’s really a hassle to pause reading a book and look up the meaning of a word one doesn’t understand. But I’ve done that as you probably have, too.

It may feel like a nuisance to grab the dictionary during reading, especially if it happens four or five times or more while one is reading a book.

Persistence, though, can come up with learning more words. I will look up the meaning if I really am motivated to. Otherwise, note the word on a piece of paper, and check it out later.

One can still get the gist of a sentence or paragraph without looking up a word. But a writer or a reader passing up the opportunity to learn a new word may miss the potential of a usable word one can use later in their own writing or for their own vocabulary and understanding.

The writer may not add an unfamiliar word to their vocabulary when scratching their head over the word, but that word may count in one’s writing.

So, three cheers for the nuisance pauses to one’s reading, pauses that prompt one to make a little more effort. I know, it’s hard to pull out the dictionary while engrossed in a story. But I’d sooner not be in the dark over a word.

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