‘Doesn’t matter’

I think a couple of pieces of mine that were rejected two months ago weren’t that strong anyway. A rejection confirmed my sneaking suspicion that something wasn’t quite right about the submission. As I was about to submit the pieces, they weren’t as good as they should have been. So, why did I submit the pieces?

Simply because one tries to see the pieces find a publisher, so one submits, one hopes, one tries in the end, no matter what it may sound like. In the moment, it’s good enough.

In terms of speaking generally about rejection of my work, there are different reasons for rejections. One reason is that the piece isn’t that strong and the strong pieces show up the weaker ones. One can keep on trying the same publisher, but rejections usually take me to another place, of not caring so much, so why not give up. But for me it’s not really about giving up, but coming down a notch to cool, rather than full-on in my approach to submitting unsolicited work. I’ve just got a calm about the rejection. So what? Take your time.

Some would say “Yeah, right” to talking it easy after a rejection. You’re really disappointed, you really care, and you’re making up a philosophy about your rejection.

Well, plagiarism would hurt me more, if that ever happened.

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