Following through with conviction

Happened to stumble on a good review of a movie that made me think about where one’s writing should lead. I mean in terms of tying all the parts together to end the writing with conviction.

Conviction in writing can make a work sound powerful and strong by the end. But what is conviction?

Conviction is simply ending definitely on one idea. To carry the story through with conviction and not ambiguity, unless the story called for ambiguity.

Sometimes, a story may need conviction, depending on the story. Sometimes, a story may need ambiguity. So, ending with conviction depends on the story and what it requires. Same with ambiguity.

That was a revelation to me on reading that review. I liked the conclusiveness to story that conviction brings, the power it effects. It sounded tidy rather than loose. But sometimes the writer needs to know when to end the story with ambiguity.

Personally, I don’t like ambiguity, and would only use it when I’m sure in my conscience to use it.

To me, conviction sounds better, so would probably write stories with such an outcome, depending.

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