As long as it gets written down

The everlasting struggle to get words on paper has an antidote. I’ll tell you what it’s like to struggle writing down an idea .

Sometimes, I feel like writing is a struggle, when it’s getting the words down that takes an effort.

In this instance, I’m not referring to writing the rough draft of a novel, but getting ideas down on paper.

Getting ideas down ends up as rough writing, but takes self-motivation and discipline. I usually find getting ideas down the least liked part of my writing, but enjoy writing the short stuff, like reviews.

I guess some people love writing down ideas, and even sell them, but I’ll tell you what it’s like to struggle writing down an idea or getting down quite a few of them, as they occur in succession:  An idea or ideas pops into one’s head, and one says, I don’t feel like writing it down. Of course, using a digital recorder may be easier to get the idea out, me thinks.

In general, effectively getting the idea out depends on what is easier for a writer. When an idea is fresh, there is the struggle of getting it out the way one sees it, as best as possible. So, write down the idea, if that’s easier. For some, it’s easier to record the idea.

In any case, one must get to the point of actually getting the idea out. One’s brain must catch up. And that can mean a struggle to get the legs walking to one’s pen and paper or to one’s digital recorder.  Then, one must articulate the idea verbally (using a recorder) or in writing (using pen and paper). Say one gets to the point of writing down the idea. It’s been a struggle getting the idea out. The end result on paper looks rough. Even so, the way is to get the idea down in understandable form to you alone, not for public consumption just yet. Just fill the piece of paper with what one sees in the mind’s eye, calmly and collectively. Later, work it into a first draft.

It’s discipline to get the idea down, and a nuisance and inconvenience, but worth it when the idea is down. Who knows what comes out? It may be even good!

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