Proud of my writing

I shouldn’t be proud of my writing, for I can always do better. Some tell me to always improve my writing, and to that I’d agree. For the writing I’ve done could have done with a polish, but am I seeing right? When in the constant critiquing of one’s work, one does not see the qualities already present. In a moment’s glee, I acknowledged the qualities of my work. I personally acknowledged a body of work done over time, and it set off a pleasant feeling through my brain. A sense of pride in a body of writing enabled a moment’s relaxation, to think that I can stop striving to constantly do better, that whatever I have already done, is good enough. To think good, accepting thoughts about one’s work and with that sense of pride one says to one’s self, hey, I did good. It’s a liberating thought–a thought that plays out in one’s brain for longer than expected. When I accepted my work, I can say, I am free! And I don’t need an editor to accept it for it to be valid.

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