Words don’t come easy

A good word is hard to find. Well, at least, if the contenders for word of the day are temptress, sadomasochist, glacial and precarious. Temptress and sadomasochist have all those dodgy connotations and they sound horrible. Glacial and precarious fare better, but are kind of dull sounding words that lack spark and imagination, a bit pedestrian and straightforward, and that need a context to lighten them up. Which is what a context did for those words. As for the other two, well they stand out for all the wrong reasons, with a context or without a context. Therefore, as I came across those words in my reading, it was a dull and dirty day at the office with a little compensation that the duller words fared better. But the word of the day is “sarf” which wasn’t in my dictionary, I will have to look it up on google, but it sounds cool.

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