Touch up

A gym trainer will take you through your steps until you get the exercise right. I used to go the gym and the staff were there to show me how to do the exercises the proper way or best way until I got it. In anything I do, it’s good to go through with it the right way or best way if I am not doing the procedure or process the right or best way. In writing, touching up my work is the final touch on a manuscript that may mean life or death to the manuscript. The touch up is the right thing to do for a piece of writing. It’s good to check my work for the final brushstroke as minor things can make a big difference. A touch up is essential to the process of writing. The intended meaning is communicated better with a touch up. Clearness and readability can be established with a touch-up. Sloppy work is transformed into clean looking work. I have learnt the touch up through the hard experience of producing work that needed more editing, even though it gets published. I learnt to do the touch up through thinking through my writing. However one gets to the point of the touch up, it will improve a piece.

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