Freelancing with a capital “free”

If freelancers do not have the precise knowledge of a genre of writing, how would freelancers get their work published in that genre?

One, some publishers are not exacting. It’s possible to get through on one’s own merits rather than what’s usually required by the more exacting publishers. At least, that’s my experience.

The editors liked my ideas, my work, and I wrote it well enough for them. I was never employed as a journalist, but I was an external contributor and I had an affinity with the type of publisher they were.

Two, freelancers have the liberty to submit work without having to be qualified. Starting up a freelance writing business isn’t for everybody, but anybody who can write can quite possibly freelance as a side line or submit work occasionally and see what happens.

Getting work out there also depends on how one wants to be perceived and how far one wants to go. Having a degree will make you look good. So, for some, having university qualifications is essential, before one strikes the market.

However, freelancers may have enough life experience and know-how to get by and get published. Yet it’s always good to learn as much as one can before and during the submitting process and always try to improve.

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