Stuck in a hard place

I was doing my Bible reading and thought I’d leave it there. Not thinking up a devotion from my reading, there was just too much thinking involved with this one.

It was a fairly difficult passage from the gospel of Luke, but not as difficult as the one directly preceding it, which I will work on at some point I suppose.

However, at a glance, the passage I read today turned into a devotion. Around the edges, I could come up with something, and I did.

Although I started with the passage from Luke, I ended up using another passage for the finished devotion. But the theme remains the same.

Despite coming up with a devotion, there was still a loose end with my Bible reading that started it going. I realized I hadn’t fleshed out the passage from Luke and understood it properly. So, I studied it closer. It came clearer. I mused over what it meant, wrote it down quick, and went to my computer to type it out, satisfied I had cracked it. I ended up with another devotion.

That’s two in an afternoon on the weekend. I feel it’s like catching fish. Blood from a stone, but exciting all the same.

They are put on file before the next phases: checking, revision (if necessary), and submission to an editor.

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