Liberating the notebook

The opposite of the problem of writers block is too much writing.

There are lots of ideas and written passages on my notebook and computer and I think I am under an obligation to use them all, which feels oppressive. Then comes liberating the notebook/s.

For the last year or so, there has been a number of devotions and devotional ideas floating around on my notebook and computer (is that called a notebook, too?) that needed some looking at. It’s caused by writing that overflows, resulting in a multitude of words, in this case, of the devotional kind.

It’s not even the first draft of a devotional book, but various passages that all together go on and on. Cumulatively, they are devotional ideas, passages of inspirational verse, and actual devotions in their first stage of development. They just stay in my notebook and computer without nothing else happening to them.

I think I should do more with them, but that is stressful. To tidy this problem up, I ask myself, will I use or shouldn’t I use?

The materials need to be taken out of confinement and bondage and given a more considered judgment. And I find I have good reasons for sticking with some and getting rid of others.

The last few days has seen moments of indecision and making the ruthless choices at the end of it all, with good reason.

I’ve cut out some devotions and devotional material to never use myself, but some of those may be of use, some other way, but not by me. Someone else may recycle them.

Some of the others I’ve just deleted or binned somewhere.

Obviously, the others I want to use myself I like better and am thinking of submitting one day.

I’m still ruthlessly deciding on what devotional ideas to use or not to use. If any are worth writing up formally, so I can relax by writing less than more.

This may sound a bit like a film studio eliminating the rotten spec screenplays and keeping the better sounding ones, with no regard for the lesser work and feelings of the writers that did them. Well, it’s me who is judiciously making the cuts and the keeps. I’m doing this for myself, so I’m hurting no one’s sense of ego. Not even my own, although parting with one’s written materials can be painful.

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